Monday, 7 November 2016

Wednesday Afternoon At The Beach

Room 14 made their way to the top of our Ladder of Kindness and as a reward we spent Wednesday afternoon down at the beach.  
This is how we spent the afternoon:

Making sandcastles.

Collecting shells.

Burying Osa Talanoa


Looking under shells.

Checking out the rock pools.

Everyone played really well with each other and it was great to see.

If we get to the top of the ladder again, we'll have another trip down there.
Let's hope we get there soon :)

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  1. Hi room 14 your trip to the beach looks so fun I wish I was there also did you guys do something in the sand.Also did you guys find anything in the sand and did you guys take any sea shells.Keep up the posting and Mr Blackey you must be the best teacher.Bye :)


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